From the recording Chakras

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All songs written by Steve Edmonds



Gimme little love in the morning
Gimme little lovin and all the world is fine
It’s all that I need
Gimme little sign in the evening
Give a little time and the day becomes divine
It’s all that I need
I give you my heart
I give you my soul, I give you my love
Need you to know, I’ll never go
I’m holdin’ on real strong till the end of it all
I’ll be a river
Ill be the sea you sail out upon, in search of your fire
I’ll be a giver
Ill be the tree you climb high upon, higher and higher
Listen to the sound of the morning
Look into the sky as the day becomes daylight
It’s all that you need
Listen the word of your people
Think about love and my song will ease your mind
Its all that you need
Although the road is long
My arms are wide and strong
Ill carry you on and on and